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The authentic taste of history

Qvevri Wine
Kapcala Distilling

Numerous archaeological discoveries confirm that Georgia has a continuous 8000-year history of viniculture and wine-making. Since time immemorial Georgians have been in love with the grapevine and remained true to it up to this day. Georgian museums are home to many thousand-year-old objects associated with wine-making and viniculture.


Grape seeds dated back to several millenia BC have been discovered to the south of Tbilisi, in Kvemo Kartli, on the Marneuli plain and in the ruins of the ancient Dangreuli Gora settlement (“gora” means a mountain or a hill).

Made with love, Kapcala Brandy symbolizes the strength and soul of Our family, conveying joy and admiration. Like alcohol fumes, we strive for purity and perfection.


Our Brandy is produced in limited series from 1500 to 3000 bottles,revealing its taste and bouquet in each drop.

Difference of time makes no change

Georgian people have engaged in viniculture and wine-making over the course of over 80 centuries. Over this period of time a unique and rich grapevine and wine-making culture was created, and the development of a wide spectrum of grape varieties and the domestication of the wild grapevine occurred.


Additionally, grape cultivation systems were devised, wine vessels were refined to perfection, the kvevri culture gained a foothold and specific Kakhetian and Imeretian wine-making methods were developed.

Qvevri-The most valuable present from the ancient civilizations

Kvevri is a unique clay vessel for wine making and storage. The most ancient kvevri-like ceramic vessels discovered in Georgia date back to 6th-5th millennia BC.


Kvevri capacity ranges from several hundred liters to several tons. Particularly large kvevri can be found in the Kakheti region, where vessels between 6 and 8 thousand liters exist. The prevailing kvevri size is between 1 and 2 tons.

Marani - the place where magic begins

“Marani” is a crucial part of the process of transforming grape juice into top-quality wine.


Kvevri is buried up to its neck in special storages and sealed tightly until the spring. This is done with the purpose of maintaining constant temperature inside the jars, since it gets rather hot in certain regions of Georgia.


The juice undergoes fermentation for 6 months, while the soil temperature, which is critical to the result of wine maturation, remains between +13C and +15C.


It is no wonder that the entire method of wine-making in kvevri that are placed inside marani was added to the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013.

Destilling Process

The recipe of Kapcala, our traditional family spirit, has been carefully guarded since the XV century, and was passed on from father to son. This brandy (or burnt wine) is manufactured by double distillation.


Young wine is warmed up on a wood-fired stove in a vessel made of copper, a metal that neutralizes harmful toxins. As it passes through the various parts of the device, pure alcohol is separated from the wine, and as a result the flavor, the aroma and the therapeutic qualities of the wine are transferred to the brandy.


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